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Fay Thomas
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Default RE: Aberdare Hall

Aberdare was great, I stayed there for 2 years (as then you were allowed to stay on for the entire time you were at uni if you wished, i think that is changing this year)

As for some of the previous comments:

No social life: Yeah right, it is 2 mins away from the students union and 5 mins away from town. And there are 127 people to make friends with, I had a brilliant social life!

Food: I am not a fussy eater I eat whats given to me, so I guess I am not one to tell, but everyone else was pretty happy with it, its your standard university food...the chefs are a good laugh too!

No overnight guests: You have to let the reception aka the lodge know if you are having anyone to stay over, I always had people to stay, there is a guest room for parents etc too if they don't want to crash on the floor.

Signing people in: just add your guests name to the list as you walk through the door, and sign it off when they leave...really not hard!

Overall good points:
Great location,
Very secure,
some of the biggest rooms in all the residences ,
private garden great for summer exam revision (try the on site library in the winter),
three common rooms,
3 pianos,
2 tvs,

Bad points:
tiny kitchens shoudl you want to cook anything in addition,
breakfast only on weekends,
no ensuite the shower rooms are nice though.

PS there is always a lot of optometry students staying there as their building is right across the street so you can roll out of bed into lectures if you wanted to (same for law, music and humanities students)
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